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All information about you that is held by the clinic or by individual therapists is confidential and will not be shared with anyone else without your express permission except in exceptional circumstances as detailed below.

For your own safety you may be asked to give permission for your GP or other medical specialist to be contacted prior to, or during, your course of treatment.

Due to the holistic nature of the Clinic's work, there are times when you may be recommended to see another therapist who is better placed to deal with a particular aspect of a condition or a separate condition altogether; an example is where muscular tension due to stress is diagnosed and your permission may be sought for a referral to our hypnotherapist, psychotherapist or Alexander Technique therapist. In such cases only a limited amount of information is given and all information subsequently given to the therapist you are referred to becomes confidential within that therapy.

The promise of confidentiality does not apply in the following circumstances.

  • Where children or vulnerable adults are deemed to be at risk.
  • Where a patient is believed to be putting themselves at significant risk by their actions or proposed actions.
  • Where the patient advises that they suffer or have been in contact with a reportable disease that their GP has not been made aware of.
  • Where the law of the land has or is intended to be broken, except in the case of a non-vulnerable patient over the age of 18yrs where the transgression has been against that patient at whatever age it occurred.
  • Where knowledge of the actions of a third party perpetrator comes to light and there is a reasonable expectation that they will repeat their behaviour with respect to another person.

Your Appointment

Each patient has Clinic space and the therapist's time reserved exclusively for the purpose of helping them to improve their well-being so it is important that you arrive in good time for your appointment so that other patients are not inconvenienced and the best use is made of the Clinic's resources.

It is acknowledged that, from time to time, patients may be unable to attend for their appointment. In this case the clinic requires that at least 24 hours notice by telephone or 36 hours by e-mail notice is given, this can be to the clinic or directly to the relevant therapist. If no, or insufficient, notice is given then a charge may be made as follows;

Less than 24 hours by telephone or 36 hours by e-mail - the full fee is payable

In the case of cancellation due to significant and unforeseen circumstances then please contact the Clinic or your therapist as soon as possible.